Friday, April 4, 2014

Free Skype Credits Trick

Do You Need Free Skype Credits ?

Free Worldwide Calls 

Do you need some free Skype Credits for calling your friends around the world for free?
Skype provides voice and video over IP services (VoIP) and you have to buy skype credits to be able to call other people over the phone.

After many requests we compiled the Skype Credits Adder for users without alot of money so they will be able to call their family and friends too!

This tool will add free skype credits to the skype users account. You don't have to add any personal information, just the skype user name is needed to use the free skype points. The app is updated constantly and has been tested already by alot of friends.

If you want to save some money just try the tool and add some Free Skype Credits to your account. You can call mobiles, send text messages for free and even call landlines for free!

The funds you add to your skype user can be used to make unlimited calls to real phone numbers!


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